Walking in the Footsteps of Man $on request | 5 days 

This is a trek back through millennia of evolution from the relatively recent hominid footprints right by our Lake Natron Camp, all the way to Olduvai, commonly known as “one of the most important paleoanthropological sites in the world”, and home to evidence of our earliest ancestors. 

Each camp location and design are being targeted at guests that are looking for an off the beaten track experience, entirely respectful of the environment, and yet just enough comfort to ensure a superlative well balanced adventure.

Olduvai gorge is known as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’ and this trekking expedition courses routes either to or from this area incorporating the history of mankind, geology and landscapes spanning 250 million years. You can time this expedition with the migration in the short grass plains, or append a migration experience post / pre-trek. 

Key features include hiking the Gregorian Rift valley, Sanjan Gorge, Gol, Olduvai Gorge and note we also have variations including Ol Karien Gorge.

Itinerary in short

Day 1: Lake Natron Camp

Day 2: Lake Natron Camp

Day 3: Sanjan

Day 4: Piyaya

Day 5: Transfer to Nasera Rock gate

TIP: This trek can be combined with The Great Rift valley trek for 1 epic week of trekking adventures!