Beats, Dance, Adventure, heat!

The first festival was held in 2016 and was held at Lake Natron camp, Ngare Sero. It is called Natron 100 because we sell only 100 tickets. We like to keep it micro to have a low impact and eco friendly festival to protect and preserve the area.

Natron 100 helps raise awareness of the special Lake Natron and to bring money into the local community. The impact that the festival goers made from attending Natron 100 2018 edition helped open a women's clinic on Ngare Sero airstrip, which gives women a private safe place to be seen by the flying doctors. 
From the festival over $4,500 went into the local community. This has gone directly to the village and will make a huge difference. By attending this festival, not only are you going to have an incredible time but you are also helping the local community and are being part of a very unique, special, eco micro festival! 

Future festival dates tbc…