footprints lengai

Walking in the footsteps of early man

Olduvai gorge is known as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’ and this trekking expedition courses routes either to or from this area incorporating the history of mankind, geology and landscapes spanning 250 million years. You can time this expedition with the migration in the short grass plains, or append a migration experience post / pre trek. Key features include hiking the Gregorian Rift valley, Sanjan Gorge, Gol, Olduvai Gorge and note we also have variations including Ol Karien Gorge.

PLEASE NOTE: when there are rains on the Sale Plains or Gol guests must be made aware that changes may have to be made to the routing.

We currently service 2 options:

1. Gol to Natron variation: ideal to END at Lake Natron
2. Natron to Gol variation: ideal to END in Serengeti

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