about us


An eco camp designed initially by Tim Leach and then taken on by a group of like minded people to develop it further. The concept of Lake Natron Camp is uncompromisingly eco centric. Taking this a stage further the new team has begun to define “Return to Natural State” as a measure of eco friendly commitment. Our goal is return to natural state in 3 months. That is ambitious. Indeed that is uncompromisingly eco – centric.


From the outset the goal was to employ from the local labour force as much as possible. Initially we achieved almost 100% local employment but we could not sustain the quality of operation in certain key positions, namely senior management and chef but this actually presented us with opportunities: to train and employ more people on an on going basis as part of our programs. So, our commitment has altered to long term capacity building and we have taken the initiative to assist in setting up a Women’s working group. Currently 17 women are on rotation to train and work in most areas of the camp, from assisting in receiving guests, room service and assisting in the kitchen / learning to cook. We are also especially proud of our guides – check in with our Facebook pages to see results as they happen with regards to training.


Most of our values are pretty straight forward: operate a camp that is successful, gives back fairly to the community, minimises impact and provides opportunities for all stakeholders to learn and develop. Triple bottom line. Which is, incidentally, the basis for our local working group, Marafiki wa Natron – Friends of Natron. We are part of a community and are taking an active lead in developing best practise to ensure sustainability over time in the Ngare Sero / Lake Natron region. Keep checking back as we progress with this initiative and become a Friend of Natron.