Lake Natron Camp

Our camp has 10 sleeping tents, one common tent with the bar, dining and lounge area, kitchen tent and staff tents. The camouflaged Bedu shade nets were especially designed for the Natron area and patented by us. The Bedu shade nets help keep guests cool during the day and protect them from the occasional strong winds. Each tent is furnished with full size beds, quality linen and blankets, tables and chairs and has its own running water, ensuite shower and compost toilet. A private path leads from each tent to a natural swimming pool in the spring-fed stream.

Welcome to Lake Natron Camp, a traveler’s oasis with a high level of comfort and exceptional service!

Uncompromisingly ECOcentric

Lake Natron Camp has been designed to leave almost zero long term impact – if taken down the ‘return to natural state’ in less than a month. We continue to invest a great deal of effort into protecting this unique sensitive wetland environment. It is operated as a very low impact eco-camp.

There are no permanent structures, no cement bricks or wooden platforms. Our Bedu Tents are camouflaged for low view-shed and equipped with compost toilets. Water is manually pumped directly from the spring for bathing and run through a desalination filter for drinking. Solar power is used extensively to reduce or omit carbon emissions and avoid noise pollution from generators.

We have a 315 hectare concession area for conservation with the Engare Sero village and we physically protect it from poaching and livestock over-grazing. The income generated by the community from tourism is used primarily for secondary school education. Thus, we are helping to increase the value of the environment and its wildlife for the local masai village and provide the community with the incentive to further protect and cherish this wild area.