Swimming | $included | time: at your leisure
Cool off in any one of the natural plunge pools in front of the accommodation units or dining / bar area. There is also a larger pool
suitable for swimming further down stream as well as endemic

cyclids – bring some goggles or ask our team for a pair!
Flamingo Walks  $included | time: 1 to 4 hours
The beguiling lesser flamingo feed on algae found in soda lakes across eastern Africa but choose to breed almost exclusively at Lake Natron. Our guests can take early morning or sunset walks to the lake flats.

Bird Watching  $included| time: at your leisure
The Lake Flats surrounding the waters edge contain small streams, lakes and hills that provide a variety of hospitable environments for birds that thrive in the alkali oasis. Take evening or morning walks to the lake, pond and marsh for bird-watching.

Hominid Footprints  $included | time: 1 to 2 hours, can be combined with sundowner Walk to hominid footprints within our concession area. New research has now confirmed these track-ways to be 120,000-years-old, making them the oldest Homo sapiens track-ways yet discovered.

Sundowner With a View  $included| time: at your leisure
Walk to one of the nearby sundowner spots. Enjoy your sundowner overlooking the Lake Natron, the majestic Lengai and Gelai mountains and watch the sun go down behind the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley. Note private sundowners can be arranged in conjunction with the use of your tour operators vehicle (ask your
tour operator for any additional costs).

Maasai Boma Visit  $100 per group| time: 2 hours
This part of the Great Rift Valley is populated by the Maasai people. Maasai bomas spread around the area, but the main central village is few kilometres away to the west at the base of the escarpment. The village is named Engare Sero, which means dappled water. This village gets its name from the river flowing out of the escarpment
through a spectacular gorge that is both arid and lush.