Lengai – The North Route



A hike to then top of Oldoinyo Lengai, the only active Carbonatite volcano in the world. This route was last climbed in 1995 and reopened by Ake Lindstrom in 2015. It is significantly easier than the West route and arguably far less dangerous as it is upwind from the prevailing wind and has more soft ash rather than the very eroded and rocky west route. Please note that it is still very strenuous – 4 to 6 hours up and 3 to 4 hours down.

For film crews or most groups this is a far better rout selection and note our team has put switch backs to make it easier.


Normal Lengai climb fees apply, payable at the Ngare Sero CBO ($100 for 1 person, $140 for a group of two at time of going to press). For those staying at Lake Natron Camp you can book in advance to climb with guides that know this this route.

Climb equipment

As per the west route, sun hat, beanie, sunglasses, sunscreen waterproof jacket (light), light fleece, long sleeved wicking t-shirt, gloves, hiking trousers, wind proof trousers, socks, trekking boots with heel support, walking poles, head torch, water bottles 4 litres. Snacks!

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Lengai – The West Route

An overnight ascent on the 3000m tall “Mountain of God” lit by moonlight is an unforgettable and mystical experience. This is a very challenging hike up an active carbonatite volcano with stunning views.

Note that the conditions on Lengai can change daily. It must be understood that the guide’s decision to reach the summit section is based on daily conditions and clients should be briefed that there is the possibility of not reaching the true summit. If that is the case please note refunds are not available! Great alternatives to this trip are the ‘Source Adventure Hike’.

Please note that guests are required to wear climbing helmets at the final section near the summit.

| $100* per person | time: average 12 hours |

*fees and guiding fees payable AT VILLAGE OFFICE $100 per person 1 pax and $160 per 2 pax – please check at time of booking. Transfers with our vehicle ARE NOT included but can be provided with advance notice at $250 per vehicle.

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At home with the Maasai

This part of the Great Rift Valley is populated by the Maasai people. Maasai bomas spread around the area, but the main central village is few kilometres away to the west at the base of the escarpment. The village is named Engare Sero, which means dappled water. This village gets its name from the river flowing out of the escarpment through a spectacular gorge that is both arid and lush. Take some time out with your guides and visit a local homestead.

| $100 per group| time: 2 hours |

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